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  Peter BUCHER D.Sc. 


 Professional Career:
1969...71 Part-time assistant at the Physics Institute of the University of Berne
1971...76 Assistant at the same Institute in the C-14 Group (today Climate and Environmental Physics)
  • Management of a working group on the scientific, technical, and logistics preparation and carrying-out of polar expeditions by the Institute to Greenland, Antarctica and Northwest Territories in collaboration with scientific institutions in Canada, Denmark, France and the United States, contributing to a global project on the experimental assessment of models for climate change and green-house gas impact based on climate history;
  • Supervising of diploma works;
  • Teaching basic physics for students of medicine.
1976...96 Project manager, then signing clerk, assistant vice-president, and deputy vice-president and deputy head of the Department Public Relations & Information of Allgemeine Treuhand AG Berne (today: Ernst & Young SA, Belpstrasse 23, CH-3001 Berne)
  1976 technical editor
  • Scientific writing and editing of member periodicals, media releases and exhibit manuscripts in the fields of nuclear energy, space research, and quality management.
  1977 promotion to signing clerk of Allgemeine Treuhand AG, Berne
  • Nomination to Secretary general of Swiss Association for Atomic Energy SVA (today Swiss Nuclear Forum) until 1984: ATAG Technical Organisations SA managed and operated SVA's secretariat in the framework of a service contract at that time. The contract covered the usual activities of an association's office as well as special responsibilities in the field of public relations in collaboration with electrical utility branch organisations and nuclear power plant operators. Public relations work included the design and implementation of information campaigns for the mass media, politics, and the general public: planning and coordination, training of specialists on public communication, editing of leaflets and brochures, organisation of events and exhibits, use of purchased space, training and information of journalists, oral and written mass media statements and day-to-day press work, follow-up and analysis of public opinion polls, and editing of ready-to-use argument collections. Several cantonal and two national ballots on nuclear energy took place in the period of 1978...84;
  • Head of a consultants' group on preparation and carrying-out of a public information campaign with the aim to prepare the ground for the first series of test drillings by the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste Nagra.
  1981 promotion to assistant vice-president of ATAG Ernst & Young Bern
  • Responsible for the creation and the management of a specialists' group on editing technical and scientific reports for international clients (a.o. British Nuclear Fuels plc, Cabloptic SA, Cogema, Ente Nazionale per l'energia elettrica, Japan NUS Company, Kansai Electric Company, Matsushita, Nagra, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Tokyo Electric Power Company).
  1984 promotion to deputy vice-president of ATAG Ernst & Young Bern
  • Head of a group of consultants for the technical preparation and implementation of an information campaign in the trade and daily press accompanying the transition from classical to fully digital public telephone exchange systems by Ascom Ltd.;
  • Responsible for the technical and scientific aspects organising symposia and congresses of European Nuclear Society ENS such as ENC and PIME when ATAG Ernst & Young Berne managed the ENS Secretariat;
  • Concept and preparation of the creation of the world nuclear news agency NucNet by ENS (today in Brussels, Belgium) as a backbone of international public information activities and pro-active management of communication emergencies;
  • Creation and management of a consultants' group on environmental management preparing the ground for ISO-14 000 certification in Switzerland;
  • Concept, preparation, first editor and chairing of the editorial board of the periodical "Vision - Science and Innovation Made in Switzerland" on behalf of the State Secretariat for Education and Research; the magazine was published quarterly in 1993...2003 (starting in 1999, by ScienceCom SA, Berne).
 Present Activities:
1996... Foundation and creation of ComDes SA, a communication and marketing consulting network with the head office in Paris (France), Swiss offices in Etziken (Solothurn) and Zurich, and project-related temporary bases in Paris, Prague (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary), and the subsidiary SC ComDes SRL from 2002 to 2011 in Bucharest (Romania).

  Management of the following orders and projects amongst others:
  • Basic conception, coordination and supervision of the civil construction, the installations, and the contents of a new visitors' pavilion for Gösgen-Däniken Nuclear Power Plant SA, including multi-lingual script editing (1996...1999);
  • Editorial board of the quarterly magazine "Vision - Science and Innovation Made in Switzerland" (1996...1997);
  • Technical consulting of specialists of ATAG Technical Organisations SA of Ernst & Young, Berne, contributions to selected projects and studies, and quality management (1996...2006);
  • Consulting of Swiss Nuclear Forum (formerly Swiss Association for Atomic Energy SVA), Berne, with special tasks in the fields of member Bulletin editing, organisation of training, mass media contacts and other projects (1996...2016);
  • Consulting of Japan NUS Co. Ltd. on technical and scientific questions and on documentation projects (since 1997...);
  • Marketing consulting and creation of a distribution network for products of Monika Dabs Cosmetic Concept Ltd., Paris and Neuilly, on Internet and then in situ in Central Europe (1998...2001);
  • Consulting of the Swiss nuclear power plants' organisation UAK (today swissnuclear) creating the Communication Group on Nuclear KGK and implementing communication projects (2000...2001);
  • Strategic and technical consulting of UAK (today swissnuclear) and KGK preparing and carrying-out a ballot campaign against two popular initiatives (Electricity without Atoms and MoratoriumPlus) in collaboration with economiesuisse, editing of argument collections, training of specialists and quality control (2001...2003);
  • Subject teacher for Dataflow SA (in cooperation with educaid computer school, Berne) on project management and special legal questions regarding Internet (2003...2005);
  • Consulting of Axpo Holding SA, Baden, in the framework of a corporate development project (2003...2004);
  • Consulting of swissnuclear (nuclear energy section of swisselectric, formerly called UAK) on communication in the field of nuclear energy in Switzerland, elaboration of concepts, and evaluation and implementation of measures (2003...2005);
  • Consulting of the central office of NucNet (Association with central office in Berne) on technical and conceptional questions, and for quality control support (2004...2006);
  • Technical consulting of communication specialists of Burson-Marsteller, Zurich and Berne, contributions to selected projects and studies, and quality management support (2006...2016);
  • Technical consulting of NucNet a.s.b.l. (non-profit association with central office in Brussels, Belgium) on technical, conceptul and marketing questions, and quality control support (since 2007...);
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Coaching Kompetenzzentren SA, Bettmeralp (Switzerland) (since 2008...);

1951...55 Primary school in Köniz;
1955...59 Pre-grammar school of the city of Berne;
1959...63 Grammar school of the city of Berne;
1963 Certificate of maturity type B (Latin and modern languages);
1963...71 Studies at the Faculty of Science of the University of Berne (Physics, mathematics, chemistry) and diploma work;
1971 Masters degree in physics (main subject), mathematics and chemistry;
1971...76 Higher-level studies at the Physics Institute of the University of Berne and thesis on the gas content of glacier ice within the C-14 Group (today Climate and Environmental Physics) under Prof. Hans OESCHGER D.Sc. and Prof. Bernhard STAUFFER D.Sc.;
1977 Doctor's degree (D. Sc.).

Language knowledge:  
Native language: Swiss German (Bernese);
Fluently speaking and writing: German, French, English;
School level knowledge: Latin, Spanish;
Basic knowledge: Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian.

Personal Information:
Peter Friedrich BUCHER
Born in the city of Berne (Canton of Berne) on 2 October 1944;
Swiss citizen, place of origin Escholzmatt-Marbach (Canton of Lucerne).


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